Features : -- Fast- Accurate- Reliable- Simple to Operate- Robust- Less Maintenance- Covering Full Range & all Standards.
# No Hydraulics, Hence neat, clean & no leakage - All Bought out Items used of repute make.
# Wide Options i.e. with or without PLC, Dust Collector & Auto Indexing Unit.
# Easy Access of all Limit Switches, Proximity Sensors & Adjustable Settings.
# No Need of Completely Knockdown of Main Shaft for easy withdrawal of Cutters.
# Plants Existing Air Line is Sufficient- having 6 Bar Pressure.
# 6m Long Pipe's can be slotted in two settings. A Stand is provided for 6m long Pipe Resting on Idle Side.
# Separate Push Buttonare provided for each Motion in case of Manual Operation.
# Self Adjusting Backlash of Rack & Pinion, A Semi Skilled Operator can operate the Machine.
# Machine is provided with one Set of any Thickness of H.S.S. Cutters and three Sets of any Thickness of Spacers.
# Total Production Record & Starts from is Stalled Condition in case of Power Failure or Emergency Stop is maintainable in case of PLC Version.
# Additional Features for NGHS Automatic Slotting Machine : -- Required the half time compared to Standard Slotting Machine.
# Machine is Covered from back and sides for Dust Control & Space Saving.
# A Vacuum cleaner arrangement is provided for Cleaning of Machine.
# Supply tp PLC & Trolley is thru Drag Chain for Nice Handling of Cables and air pipes.
# A Separate Compartment with Viewable Windows for Pnumatic Control are provided.
# Machine is provided with Wheels for shifting of Location on floor.
# Ready to Start Machine and requires only Few Minutes.